Working together for a
healthier future for the
people of Burma

The Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Charitable Trust was created to support the renewal of the Hospital.

As directed by the Parliamentary Committee to which the Trust answers, we have been set key goals to make the hospital fit for the twenty-first century, working alongside the leadership team within Rangoon General Hospital and with the support of the Ministry of Health.

These include:

  • supporting the physical renovation of the nineteenth century main hospital by the provision of architectural advice, working with well-regarded partners who bring the relevant experience in this field. We are delighted to have been able to employ Article 25, a specialist architectural NGO based in London, as our partners in this endeavour

  • providing particular advice and support to work to renew the basic fabric underpinning the hospital through the advice of expert services engineers

  • ensuring that everything possible is done to protect, preserve and make fit for purpose for this proud building at the heart of downtown Rangoon

  • engaging in other needs as the Parliamentary Committee directs us. The reinvigoration of this hospital, buildings, patient needs, staffing and training is a complex project which will take many years to achieve.

  • creating and maintaining a visiting professorship programme: this flagship project will allow internationally recognised medical experts to each and practice in Rangoon General Hospital and its associated medical university. Burma has maintained a high standard of medical education, but after years of isolation there is now an opportunity to build new skills across the many specialisms housed in Rangoon General Hospital

  • building an effective medical records system that harnesses the power of modern technology and communications in place of the current paper-based model, so that patient needs and clinical practice can be supported from admission to the patient’s return to the community

  • supporting the purchase of new equipment and developing the skills to operate and maintain it

This is a space where the government, the parliament and international friends can work together for the people of Burma.

This is building health.

This is making peace.

We need your help.

The Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Charitable Trust, has been established as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO No: 0943) in Jersey, to take forward a programme of work according to the directions of the cross-party Parliamentary Committee for the Reinvigoration of Rangoon General Hospital in Burma.

A board of Trustees and an operating company, RGHR Limited, implement the decisions of the Parliamentary Committee. The Trustees are committed to the highest standards of due diligence and the company operates according to the best practice standards for international charities. The trust offers a secure means by which donors can make a high impact in a fragile country.


Your contribution will make a huge difference
to the health of the people of Burma

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