Building Health.
Bringing Hope.

The Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Charitable Trust.
Working together for a healthier future for the people of Burma.

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Building Health, Bringing Hope

Working together for a healthier future for the people of Burma


Our Mission is Simple

Working with and for the people of Myanmar (Burma), according to the direction of a cross-party parliamentary committee chaired by Nobel Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, we will support the reinvigoration of Rangoon General Hospital.

Our Commitment is simple

Burma is already changing. This is the time to bring the benefits of that change to all of its people, and most especially the poor. After many years of isolation, Burma can rebuild its healthcare system, and we are committed to supporting that work.

Our Vision is clear

To build health is to bring hope. Rangoon General Hospital can become a place of hope for its patients, delivering high quality education to the next generation of doctors and nurses.

  • The Hospital stands at the heart of Burma’s healthcare system. It draws patients from all over the country, women, men and children who believe they can find healing.

    It is a symbol of hope. The reinvigoration of this hospital is a hugely significant project.

    Why is this project so important for the people of Burma?

    It is important in itself.

    The nineteenth century British designed hospital is the largest tertiary care hospital in Burma. It houses more than 1500 inpatients and delivers care across 29 specialisms, making it the largest hospital in Burma.

    It employs some 1800 staff, including 300 doctors and 480 nurses. It maintains its historic role as the official teaching hospital of the Rangoon University of Medicine I, the Rangoon Institute of Nursing and the University of Paramedical Science. It is responsible for training approximately one third of the country’s medical workforce.

    Between 2008 and 2012 the annual number of admissions doubled, but bed numbers have no significantly increased, limiting the care that can be provided. The beautiful but ageing building is in urgent need of maintenance and modernisation.

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  • It has huge opportunities everyday, to comfort and to cure. It faces daunting challenges to meet the needs of those who seek its help. Working with international and Burmese partners, the Trust will build on the report prepared for the hospital by a team of experts led by former UK Health Minister Lord Darzi of Denham.

    It is important for what it represents.

    As Burma seeks to find a way from military rule to true democracy, Rangoon General Hospital is a shared project between government, parliament, Nobel Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s friends throughout the world.

    At this time of rapid but uncertain transition in Burma, the reinvigoration of Rangoon General Hospital represents an opportunity to show what can be done when old divisions are laid aside and enmity is replaced by reconciliation and dialogue. The first to benefit from this are the people of Burma.

    Entering RGHR
  • Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Headshot

    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

    Chair of the Parliamentary Committee for the Reinvigoration of Rangoon General Hospital
    “This is a flagship of the reform of our whole national health service. Many hospitals throughout the country will benefit from this pioneering project. We need to make this work for all our people.”

  • Lord Ara Darzi of Denham headshot

    Lord Ara Darzi of Denham

    Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery
    “This is an exciting programme of work. Reinvigorating this hospital and transforming the services it provides will improve care for all patients.” We need to make this work for all our people.

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